"The rare film that tackles female sexuality head on." - BUSTLE

"Manashil's script is fresh and compelling, often reminiscent of Miranda July's similarly themed Me and You and Everyone We Know ... Bread and Butter is a terrific debut and I hope it's only the beginning of a prolific career for Manashil."  - Jessica Baxter, Hammer to Nail

"... we think her new film Bread and Butter is an absolute must-watch for women everywhere." - Gina Mei, HelloGiggles

"Bread and Butter is a nice debut that refreshes the genre with an interesting point of view, professional execution, and a girly sensibility that most women and brighter boys will appreciate."- Tim Cogshell, Cinema In Mind

"Here is a well-thought-out slice of life rarely seen with such honesty. We can afford to laugh at the absurdities before us, but there is also a hint of sadness as well. A constant reminder that Manashil wants to do more than just tell a story. Like its title, “Bread and Butter” has that delightful sustaining element that holds our attention and eventually delivers more than a satisfying end."- Ray Schillaci, The Movie Guys

"Making a triumphant traverse around the festival circuit, her anti-romantic-comedy BREAD AND BUTTER toys with audience’s expectations and delves into the spinster weirdness, turning it into something beautiful and fierce."- Bears Fonte, AM/FM Magazine

"This quirky romantic comedy from Liz Manashil was a perfect first movie for Friday because it’s deep but deceptively light. Those of us who are allergic to early mornings could bask in its simplicity but gradually wake up to the depth that’s waiting for us whenever we’re ready. Strong performances from the three leads anchor a solid script that benefits from a host of glorious awkwardness and deliberately avoiding the perfect people." - Hal C F Astell, Apocalypse Later

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Hammer To Nail

The Movie Guys

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* Big Apple Film Festival: BEST FEATURE

* Cleveland International Film Festival: FOURTH Screening Added

* Cleveland International Film Festival: Artistic Director Bill Guentzler picks BREAD AND BUTTER as one of the year's standout films - here and here

* Woodstock Film Festival: SOLD OUT Screening (World Premiere)

* Naperville Independent Film Festival: BEST DIRECTOR and BEST ACTRESS

* Phoenix Film Festival: VIP Screening

* Phoenix Film Festival: SOLD OUT Screening

* Worldfest Houston: Best Romantic Comedy

* SENE: Best Comedy

* ADDITIONAL SCREENINGS: Cincinnati Film Festival, Ottawa International Film Festival, Orlando Film Festival