Bread and butter – high audience in cinemas

The bread and butter of cinema is the story. The story is what gets people to go out and see a movie. In cinemas, that’s what really matters. Cinemas are the largest entertainment destination in the world and they account for 30% of all movie tickets sold. Content generation is a key to the success […]

Bread and butter – are you going to the cinema for a premiere?

Create a professional and relevant review of a film and write your own review. A well written review will help you get the client to buy your product. Create a professional and relevant video testimonial, explaining the strengths and benefits of your product or service. Having great products or services does not mean that it […]

Bread and butter – a movie for the whole family

Businesses are always looking for new angles and new ways to market. Bread and butter: A movie for the whole family is a documentary about the making of an animation that was turned into a 3D movie. It has everything from start-up stories to deep-dive into the art of animation, including technical parts like how […]

Bread and butter – a film based on a book

A film based on a book is a nutritionally rich meal that the body needs. The movie should be well-constructed, while the book should be well-written and interesting. Bread and butter is a film based on a novel. This is a book review by Jason Stoddard. If a copywriter can’t think of a pitch for […]

Bread and butter movie

Imagine a scenario similar to today’s internet – where content is generated on demand and delivered to the user at their place. Bread and butter movies are the ones that make people go crazy. They have made many people’s lives better and they must be adored by all. Bread and butter movie is a remake […]